Sunday, February 21, 2016

Don't Buy It Now

The times they are a-changin’, that’s what Dylan said
And the pace of change is accelerating, just listen to any TED
So when you buy a product in a real or online store
You need to know that in a month it won’t go out the door

You should check the feature list and validate the spec
To buy a future-proof device with the latest tech
So here is some advice that will help you navigate
Our ever-changing gadget world while making no mistake

Don't buy a new TV unless it’s HDR
Don't buy a game console until it has VR
Buying a phone would not be wise if it can’t shoot 4K
And a watch that only tells the time makes no sense today

Don’t buy a new car that has a steering wheel
A drone that doesn’t follow you is not a very good deal
A pair of glasses without AR will soon be obsolete
And 2D ink on a piece of paper is not what I call print

This is my advice today, and it might change tomorrow
So the only way to prevent your deep feelings of sorrow
When finding out that your new toy has turned to junk somehow
Is the global, timeless truth: Don’t Buy It Now!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Compile This Song

(created during the Web 2.0 Poetry Workshop at Kinnernet 2010 by Gil Rimon, Dror Gill, Shimon Shocken and Oded Margalit)

I was looking for something to do for a while

Something with class, something with style

Something public && real, which I can~ #define

Not a static procedure, || a virtual time

Switching between sessions, looking for class

&& finally lying const on the grass

It’s ~ Asin, cos my abs were destroyed

After singing all night, feeling floating && void

Avoiding objects thrown at my head

I hardly printf English, so I use C instead

This heap of ~sense was typed by Dror & Gil

if you do~ get this, the compiler will

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Recursive Song

(based on Dror Gill's The Recursive Song)

אני נוסע לי באוטו ופותח את הרדיו

ושומע את השיר שאני שר עכשיו

שיר על נסיעה באוטו והאזנה לרדיו

שמשמיע את השיר שאני שר עכשיו

זה השיר הרקורסיבי עם התייחסות עצמית

שמגיעה לפרדוקס בצורת פרקטל

כמו מראה אל מול מראה שמשתקפת אינסופית

או מכונה שמייצרת לעצמה את החשמל

השיר הפך להיט ענק אז משמיעים אותו ברדיו

הוא אפילו התקבל לרשימה של גלגל"צ

בכל פעם ששומעים אותו מתנגן ברדיו

על עצמו הוא מספר איך לצמרת הוא קפץ

זו נבואה של השוטים שאת עצמה הגשימה

אם תאמין שמשהו יקרה אז הוא יקרה

אם תתכנן מסע בזמן אחורה או קדימה

במוקדם או במאוחר תפגוש בשיר הזה

אז תיקח אותו איתך ותזמזם אותו בדרך

והוא מיד ישוב ויזמזם אותך בחזרה

ויספר לך סיפור שתחילתו בסוף בערך

על מה שכבר יקרה ומה שעוד מעט קרה

אם תנסה בשערות למשוך את עצמך למעלה

או לרדוף וגם לתפוס לעצמך את הזנב

או לבנות מכונה שתמשיך לנֶצַח הלאה

תגלה מהר מאד אם יש או אין מצב

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What To Look For Next

(Based on Fred Wilson's "What To Look For Next")

The Treasury, the Fed, and Warren Buffet
Are the only buyers trying to make a profit
When the rest of the market is 30% down
With no signs of turning around

So what's next for the markets now?
Will the decline continue? When will it stop and how?
We need more buyers at these crazy times
To buy more stocks as the market declines

Companies buying stock of their own
And large private equity that enter this zone
If the locals don't buy, the foreigners will come
And get all the bargains without leaving a crumb

Microsoft should buy more of its stock
Google as well, should get out of its shock
And if you're looking for more stocks to buy fast
Try Apple, Starbucks, Wallmart and Comcast

There are many similarities that we can see
To the great panic in 1873
Which happened as America spread out to the world
And was won by big companies after the markets twirled

Friday, October 10, 2008

(The) Startup Depression

(Based on (The) Startup Depression by Jason Calacanis)

The times are bad as we all know
But no one admits how much they are so
"Depression" is the word to use from now on
'cause in 18 months most startups will be gone

I could be wrong, no one can guess
How much the markets will regress
But you should plan out for the worse
It seems this time we're really cursed

Not just US, but in the world around
The markets keep on going down
But out of this, you can make the most
If you read my full blog post