Monday, September 17, 2007

Locate the US on a map.

(based on Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question)

According to the polls as of late,
It's shown that Americans can't locate
the US on a world map.
Why do you think that is ?

I personally believe,
That Americans which in U.S. live,
to do so are unable.
some people out there in our nation,
they don't have maps, and, uh.

I believe that our, uh,
education like such as,
South Africa and, uh,
the Iraq and everywhere like such as,

and I believe that they should, uh,
our education over here, in the U.S.
should help the U.S., uh,
should help South Africa and,
should help the Iraq and,
the Asian countries,

so we will be able to build up,
our future for our.....

by Oded Sharon

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Importance of a Human Social Network

(based on Chris Brogan's The Importance of Human Social Networks)

Over the last several days
I talked to people to find the ways
To move beyond the keyboard and mice
And that's why I asked them for advice

Since beyond any blog, vlog or podcast
We are building relationships that will last
I've put their faces on this wall
If you're not there, you're just too tall

Beyond the blogging, the Flickr and Facebook
There's the passion and friendship which create a hook
The ability to reach out to friends
And share your dreams and fears with them

The crazy moments, which you can send
That's what will matter in the end
EVERYTHING I learned about making media
Taught me something that's not in the encyclopedia:

The people I reach out to and connect
Are caring and compassionate thinkers - you bet!
Beyond being just a face
They are the people you want to know and embrace

Through blogs and vlogs you meet many folks
Can you provide friendship, compassion, and not just pokes?
Build your digital relationships and make them real
Without you, it’s not fun, and that's the big deal!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Five Facts About Google Phone

(based on Om Malik's "Five Facts About Google Phone")

Is Google Phone a myth, or is it for real?
Engadget says it's coming, and will be a big deal
Some folks in Boston already took it for a walk
But they are under NDA, so they really can’t talk

There are mobile start-ups which Google acquired
And some mobile experts which they hired
Below are some tidbits that could be unveiled
From reliable sources, that can't be revealed:

It's based on mobile Linux, and heavily on Java
It can show multimedia, and videos of lava
The UI is typical for phones of this type
(and don't' believe the red image, that's only hype)
Written fully in Java, it responds very fast
And in the main menu - a search box, at last!

The browser is written in Java as well
Some say it's WebKit - I really can't tell
From one prototype it has grown to three or five
HTC makes them, and soon they'll be live

Better than the PC for one hundred bucks
Will make you see how Windows Mobile sucks
We'll tell you more details as they come in
You'll be the first to know which one will win

My 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks

(based on Kfir Pravda's ("My 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks")

Yosi asked, so here's a mix
Of my Facebook tips and tricks:

Take some care when you connect
Ask the requester where you met
Create your groups in open space
Don't try to join a crowded race

Nag your group, but not too much
It's just a way to stay in touch
If frequent messages are required
Then using Ning would be desired

Don't turn your Facebook into Myspace
With apps and widgets all over the place
Invite your friends to a useful app
Not to Zombie or some other crap

Review your groups and write to them
Add some posts, and win some friends
Make your profile fun to read
Put some plug-ins with some feeds

And most importantly of all
If you want to roll a big snowball
Mash-up your blog, some pictures too
Your social network will grow with you!

Now let me ask you what's your mix
Of valuable Facebook tips and tricks?

Dear Steve Jobs

(based on Robert Scoble's "Dear Steve Jobs")

Dear Steve Jobs, I have a small request
I'll post it here, please do your best
Instead of paying back the hundred bucks
Make a good iPhone, not one that sucks

An iPhone with an SDK
Where software guys can go and play
Build apps that sense how the thing moves
And based on that control some grooves

An iPhone with a bunch of apps
Like Yahoo! Finance or Google Maps
And I want a lot of middleware
Flash or Java - I don't care

So people can program any tool
Like which is very cool
Or a mobile app which let's me chat
With my Nokia phone - I'd love that!

Or shoot some video with the cam
Or play some games, a music jam
Go shopping at the Kongregate
So don't give me a certificate...

But since I can't have any of the above
I'll take the gift, and send my love

How to Effectively Use Social Networks

(based on Blonde 2.0's "How to Effectively Use Social Networks")

Social networks are so great
A wonderful place to meet and mate
But there are a few simple rules
To make them really an effective tool

Virtual communities are made of live people
Each one is different - they are not equal
So if you want a social network to embrace
Put details of your life right in their face

Place tons of information in your profile page
Your interests, hobbies, links, and books - not just your age!
Upload the videos and photos that you took
And pictures of yourself - so people know how you look

If someone has an image of you in their head
It is much easier for him or her to become your friend
Don't forget to add the posts from your blog
A full RSS feed, or only the log

Mash-up your profiles from other online sites
Add Twitter, Digg and Yedda to your Facebook tonight
Find people with the same interests and add them as friends
And you'll end up running into them again and again

Show everyone on the planet who you really are
Be genuine, don't pretend and you will get very far
Some people will like you and some people won't
But that’s life, no matter what you do or don't

Maybe you're asking: What’s the best way
To make online connections, the kind that stay?
Through blogging or social networks? Which one should I choose?
My answer is simple: Use both or you loose

We have many social networks that seem all the same
Filing your details in all of them may seem insane
But if you don't do it, you should know it is wrong
And that's what I'm telling you in this song

If you are a company, follow the same rules
Be honest with your community, they are not fools
Admit your mistakes, tell only what's true
Give personal replies to what they ask you

I said it before, and I'll repeat it here
The borders online are not always clear
I think it's a good thing, that on Flickr reside
Professional and personal pictures side by side

People like to connect with others who are open
If you allow them into your world, you will be well spoken
A rich profile is a sign that you're socially aware
So show them all of our faces, don't be scared!

The Internet is Dead and Boring

(based on Marc Cuban's The Internet is Dead and Boring)

I said the Internet is Dead
And that made everyone upset
But I insist that it really is
It's something that happens in every biz

TVs and cars, the printing press
By all one of them we were impressed
But when they cease to evolve
Into the background they dissolve

And now the net has reached that age
In the last five years it hasn't changed
And just like cars, TVs and planes
It's so stable that it's mundane

YouTube, Myspace and FaceBook
All work great, but if you look
Underneath you'll find the net
Which is as stable and boring as you can get

Explosive ideas are also dead
Even if you invent them in your head
You need last-mile bandwidth to make them fly
And there's not enough of that, no matter how hard you try

Just like on a highway, when you're out of town
You can drive very fast, until traffic slows you down
So if you didn't get it let me say it once more
The Internet's a stable a platform, and that's a bore!