Friday, September 7, 2007

Dear Steve Jobs

(based on Robert Scoble's "Dear Steve Jobs")

Dear Steve Jobs, I have a small request
I'll post it here, please do your best
Instead of paying back the hundred bucks
Make a good iPhone, not one that sucks

An iPhone with an SDK
Where software guys can go and play
Build apps that sense how the thing moves
And based on that control some grooves

An iPhone with a bunch of apps
Like Yahoo! Finance or Google Maps
And I want a lot of middleware
Flash or Java - I don't care

So people can program any tool
Like which is very cool
Or a mobile app which let's me chat
With my Nokia phone - I'd love that!

Or shoot some video with the cam
Or play some games, a music jam
Go shopping at the Kongregate
So don't give me a certificate...

But since I can't have any of the above
I'll take the gift, and send my love

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