Friday, September 7, 2007

The Internet is Dead and Boring

(based on Marc Cuban's The Internet is Dead and Boring)

I said the Internet is Dead
And that made everyone upset
But I insist that it really is
It's something that happens in every biz

TVs and cars, the printing press
By all one of them we were impressed
But when they cease to evolve
Into the background they dissolve

And now the net has reached that age
In the last five years it hasn't changed
And just like cars, TVs and planes
It's so stable that it's mundane

YouTube, Myspace and FaceBook
All work great, but if you look
Underneath you'll find the net
Which is as stable and boring as you can get

Explosive ideas are also dead
Even if you invent them in your head
You need last-mile bandwidth to make them fly
And there's not enough of that, no matter how hard you try

Just like on a highway, when you're out of town
You can drive very fast, until traffic slows you down
So if you didn't get it let me say it once more
The Internet's a stable a platform, and that's a bore!

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