Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Join My Homeroom

(based on Jeff Pulver's "Social Media 2007 - Join My Homeroom")

Do you remember when going to school
On the first day every year there was something quite cool
A Home Room was assigned to old and new friends
And you would meet and embrace them again and again

With Facebook and Twitter the feeling is the same
(although the time I spend on them is really insane...)
I'm connected to all my friends, old and new
Some of them fade away (make sure it's not you...)

This is the new Social Media Home Room
Just one part of the Web 2.0 boom
I refresh my list of buddies at least once a year
With people I meet at events far and near

I missed this experience since I was in school
It's hard to keep in touch, I needed a good tool
And finally found it in Twitter and Facebook
Now the Homeroom is back - take a good look!

I see friends that I know from all over the world
Always someone online, to hear and be heard
Just like walking right into a virtual hall
And seeing everyone there - the world is so small!

We share information and have some small talk
(but of course we can never go on a walk...)
It's a great live experience, so different from others
So welcome everyone, you can all be my brothers!

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