Friday, September 7, 2007

Five Facts About Google Phone

(based on Om Malik's "Five Facts About Google Phone")

Is Google Phone a myth, or is it for real?
Engadget says it's coming, and will be a big deal
Some folks in Boston already took it for a walk
But they are under NDA, so they really can’t talk

There are mobile start-ups which Google acquired
And some mobile experts which they hired
Below are some tidbits that could be unveiled
From reliable sources, that can't be revealed:

It's based on mobile Linux, and heavily on Java
It can show multimedia, and videos of lava
The UI is typical for phones of this type
(and don't' believe the red image, that's only hype)
Written fully in Java, it responds very fast
And in the main menu - a search box, at last!

The browser is written in Java as well
Some say it's WebKit - I really can't tell
From one prototype it has grown to three or five
HTC makes them, and soon they'll be live

Better than the PC for one hundred bucks
Will make you see how Windows Mobile sucks
We'll tell you more details as they come in
You'll be the first to know which one will win

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