Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Importance of a Human Social Network

(based on Chris Brogan's The Importance of Human Social Networks)

Over the last several days
I talked to people to find the ways
To move beyond the keyboard and mice
And that's why I asked them for advice

Since beyond any blog, vlog or podcast
We are building relationships that will last
I've put their faces on this wall
If you're not there, you're just too tall

Beyond the blogging, the Flickr and Facebook
There's the passion and friendship which create a hook
The ability to reach out to friends
And share your dreams and fears with them

The crazy moments, which you can send
That's what will matter in the end
EVERYTHING I learned about making media
Taught me something that's not in the encyclopedia:

The people I reach out to and connect
Are caring and compassionate thinkers - you bet!
Beyond being just a face
They are the people you want to know and embrace

Through blogs and vlogs you meet many folks
Can you provide friendship, compassion, and not just pokes?
Build your digital relationships and make them real
Without you, it’s not fun, and that's the big deal!

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