Saturday, October 11, 2008

What To Look For Next

(Based on Fred Wilson's "What To Look For Next")

The Treasury, the Fed, and Warren Buffet
Are the only buyers trying to make a profit
When the rest of the market is 30% down
With no signs of turning around

So what's next for the markets now?
Will the decline continue? When will it stop and how?
We need more buyers at these crazy times
To buy more stocks as the market declines

Companies buying stock of their own
And large private equity that enter this zone
If the locals don't buy, the foreigners will come
And get all the bargains without leaving a crumb

Microsoft should buy more of its stock
Google as well, should get out of its shock
And if you're looking for more stocks to buy fast
Try Apple, Starbucks, Wallmart and Comcast

There are many similarities that we can see
To the great panic in 1873
Which happened as America spread out to the world
And was won by big companies after the markets twirled

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Unknown said...

that's awesome. where's the music?