Friday, September 7, 2007

How to Effectively Use Social Networks

(based on Blonde 2.0's "How to Effectively Use Social Networks")

Social networks are so great
A wonderful place to meet and mate
But there are a few simple rules
To make them really an effective tool

Virtual communities are made of live people
Each one is different - they are not equal
So if you want a social network to embrace
Put details of your life right in their face

Place tons of information in your profile page
Your interests, hobbies, links, and books - not just your age!
Upload the videos and photos that you took
And pictures of yourself - so people know how you look

If someone has an image of you in their head
It is much easier for him or her to become your friend
Don't forget to add the posts from your blog
A full RSS feed, or only the log

Mash-up your profiles from other online sites
Add Twitter, Digg and Yedda to your Facebook tonight
Find people with the same interests and add them as friends
And you'll end up running into them again and again

Show everyone on the planet who you really are
Be genuine, don't pretend and you will get very far
Some people will like you and some people won't
But that’s life, no matter what you do or don't

Maybe you're asking: What’s the best way
To make online connections, the kind that stay?
Through blogging or social networks? Which one should I choose?
My answer is simple: Use both or you loose

We have many social networks that seem all the same
Filing your details in all of them may seem insane
But if you don't do it, you should know it is wrong
And that's what I'm telling you in this song

If you are a company, follow the same rules
Be honest with your community, they are not fools
Admit your mistakes, tell only what's true
Give personal replies to what they ask you

I said it before, and I'll repeat it here
The borders online are not always clear
I think it's a good thing, that on Flickr reside
Professional and personal pictures side by side

People like to connect with others who are open
If you allow them into your world, you will be well spoken
A rich profile is a sign that you're socially aware
So show them all of our faces, don't be scared!


Blonde 2.0 said...

Wow Dror, I am honored!
I never knew there was a poet in you until now :-)

Dror Gill said...

I was also surprised...

Thanks for posting the song back on your blog!

Dr. Z said...

Turning a post into a song is a great idea. Do you include the music with it or do you limit it to incredible poetry?

Dror Gill said...

Currently it's words only, but perhaps adding music could be the topic of a spin-off blog: Blog2Song2Music...

Business and Life Sense said...

In Hebrew a song and a poem are both called "shir". In English a song implied audio. Lyrics are a song without audio...

Dror Gill said...

You're absolutely right... The purpose of this blog is to produce poems or song lyrics based on blog posts. So Blog2Song is actually short for Blog2SongLyrics...

I would be happy to see someone adding music to one of them - it will be the first time a blog post will have a chance to become a chart hit!