Friday, September 7, 2007

My 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks

(based on Kfir Pravda's ("My 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks")

Yosi asked, so here's a mix
Of my Facebook tips and tricks:

Take some care when you connect
Ask the requester where you met
Create your groups in open space
Don't try to join a crowded race

Nag your group, but not too much
It's just a way to stay in touch
If frequent messages are required
Then using Ning would be desired

Don't turn your Facebook into Myspace
With apps and widgets all over the place
Invite your friends to a useful app
Not to Zombie or some other crap

Review your groups and write to them
Add some posts, and win some friends
Make your profile fun to read
Put some plug-ins with some feeds

And most importantly of all
If you want to roll a big snowball
Mash-up your blog, some pictures too
Your social network will grow with you!

Now let me ask you what's your mix
Of valuable Facebook tips and tricks?


Anonymous said...

LOL thanks guys - is it under CC? :)

Dror Gill said...

Glad you liked it!
Yes, of course it's CC... said...

Hellow Friend

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